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Bag of Snakes

When we read Toni Jensen’s “Carry,” we knew we’d discovered not only a defining essay for our collection Trespass: Ecotone Essayists Beyond the Boundaries of Place, Identity, and Feminism, but also the inspiration for our 18″ x 14.5″ signature shoulder tote.

Toni’s essay takes on campus open-carry laws, women’s sovereignty over their own bodies, and the erasure of Native culture. As it unfolds, she reclaims and transforms a colleague’s dismissive reference to a female student as a “bag of snakes” into a symbol of moxie and power.

Check out Toni’s essay in Trespass—as well as her book by the same title—and carry your secret charm everywhere you go! It’s made from natural, unbleached cotton and screen printed in the U.S. by Enviro-Tote.





Size: 18" x 14.5", 15 oz shoulder tote
Handle: 25" durable Spun Poly straps
Natural, unbleached cotton
Screen printed in the U.S. by Enviro-Tote